We are now going through a period of an epidemic called COVID 19. We have already experienced many good and bad facts. We have learned many good habits and witnessed very bad events.

Our Department of Health and Home Department has suffered the most in this regard. Our negligence and non-cooperation have made them all more vulnerable. The fact is that we forget all that just as a convenience!

Every day, everyone travels with the main part of the face covered with a mask. No one can show their face completely. Others see us also the same as we have seen only the eyes, forehead and hair of others. People usually recognize each other by their full face, form and voice. But today, the difference from usual we can see only the eyes, forehead, hair and the sounds as well.

During the COVID 19 period, we learned to recognize people by understanding the movements, functions and differences of the eyes. We now know how to distinguish smiles, joys, surprises, and sorrows from the activities of the eyes. People have become the habit of looking into other’s eyes while talking.

In the past, we have come to know, marvel, and enjoy a great deal about the human eye through the lines that writers have expressed in their literature. Some writers explain that in their literature the eyes tell stories and express love and affection. Moreover, we have read how anger, sadness, hatred, anxiety and the pulses of love are beautifully described through the movements of eyes.

Women and teenagers, in particular, spend a lot of time and money trying to beautify their face. But in this age of COVID 19, it seems that more time and money are being used to make the eyes more attractive as others can see only the eyes. Wearing glasses interferes with the visibility and beauty of the naked eye. People have found alternatives to deal with these situations. Through this, they added new designs to the structure of the spectacle frames and most importantly prepared many types of face mask to suit their face and clothing. We have now learned to recognize our loved ones with their eyes, forehead, and voice. We have not seen in other natives have these types of ability to face any adversity and discover new dimensions!

The very interesting fact is that the mask is a blessing to anti-socials and thieves. We recently read in the newspaper that the theft took place while wearing a full safety PPE kit. Now it has become a blessing for these people that no one will suspect them if they go out wearing all these without night or day.

In the Gulf, Arab women wear ‘Abhaya’ over clothing, covering their face and body except for the eyes. When I first arrived in the Gulf, I was amazed at the way women dressed. How they identify their loved ones from the crowd has really confused me. We now know how people can identify the person whom they want to see by the nature of their eyes from the crowd or from the congregation of women!

The use of face masks has upset many people, especially politicians because the most important thing in their thinking and perspective is to ‘show their face’ in front of people or on social media with their different expressions. Now that, this intention has been lost and the mask has become the main villain in all cases. It also happened here that politicians have solutions to any situation and problems. Instead of covering the mask from their beards to nose, they started wearing masks only on the chin! It became a decoration for politicians and those under them. We do not understand what they mean by wearing a mask on the chin! Do not know whether they are challenging to the deadly germs or to show disregards the law! In addition, all the political commotion made by not accounting the health restrictions happened to be the epidemic even more serious. Politicians may have the answer to these operations also like as always they have!

Our commitment to society should never be forgotten. We have been dedicated to COVID 19 for the whole year. We have learned so many good lessons, seen bad experiences, and recognized right and wrong. People learned about isolation and loneliness, how to celebrate by cutting costs and, the pain of not being able to share the grief of a beloved one being separated with.

Maintain social distance, wear a face mask and wash the hands regularly with soap and make it as a habit. Let’s move safely against COVID 19.

Ignatius Variath

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  1. Very good description about the current situation. You are right, COVID teaches a good lesson. Congratulations.

  2. Experiences of current events are very well described. Many things going unnoticed by people. Congratulations.

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