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REVATHY OF PEACEWOODS is a narrative retold placing together episodes from a real life. Nay, in fact, it is not entirely a true reporting; for readers may feel certain events are too far from reality and it is quite natural. The time of the story is the immediate past era. The incidents took place at a time when such modern amenities as of today were not in existence.

Revathy proves through her own life that a woman can achieve her life-goal by will-power and perseverance. The life and time of a noble lady who was met quite unexpectedly, have been depicted here. Maybe this would read a bit exaggerated. Fair enough! When an innocent man’s sincere friendship, love and trust are exploited, he will have to give away his own life. A story of treachery that the ordinary people have to suffer even today – the story of Revathy who had risen from the ashes of oppression like a phoenix.

The content of the story is a series of events unfolding through the journey of Ajay, an investigative journalist in search of truth. However, he never knows that before his journey reached the destination, it would become the vital part of his own life. It was without his own knowledge that precious part in his past, long lost in oblivion had so suddenly appeared before him.

The lives passing through this are shadows of the common folks among us.  I invite you to be fellow-travellers in Ajay’s journey towards the truth.

The story of ‘The Peacewoods’ originated from a Village of Kerala, the southern part of India. The words given in Italics are the name of local places, dialogues and some nicknames and explanation of the same have given at the end of each chapter.

Ignatius Variath

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