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Goddess Rudra_The Protector

The Employment Exchange has appointed and sent a young Brahmin, Vishnudathan Namboothiri, to ‘Alangatu Mana’ for the job of a caretaker. This very old ‘Mana’ presently belongs to the Archaeological Department but there exists a dispute in the court regarding its ownership.

The first day itself Vishnudathan faced a serious problem with this old ‘Mana’; the interference of a Goddess who is invisible but stays there as a protector. She will destroy anyone who tries to trespass this Mana. Vishnudathan faced this challenge on the first day as ‘She’ threatened him but Vishnudathan confronted her courageously.

It was the beginning of a strange and extraordinary relationship between a young man and a Goddess.

This novel is based on the influence of the supernatural powers created by the author with imagination and nothing is related to reality. If the sequences in this story find any similarities with the background, individuals, or any events and those living or dead shall be completely by coincidence only. The storyline has developed through the life of Namboothiri families and the beliefs related to Indian Hindu Mythology.

The novel is a revised and modified English version of my Malayalam novel ‘Rudrangana’.

Ignatius Variath

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